Sunday | 2.18.2018
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Business Coach Can Help Aspiring Professional Stay Focused on Goals

Whether someone is a professional athlete or a business professional, successful people in any field know that it takes sound coaching to reach the highest level of achievement.

For the business professional, it’s easy to overlook the big picture of long-term success when dealing with day-to-day duties.

That’s where the business coach comes in.

 “The coach you hire should be someone who is willing and able to not let you slide by making stories and excuses, and will check in with you,” says Bo Bradley, author of Achieving the Balance Dream. “More importantly, your coach will keep you focused on your passion which, in return, is what truly drives your revenue stream.”

 A good business coach will be available to listen and brainstorm with you when one is struggling, but also hold one accountable, she says.

 Good coaches will also encourage someone to achieve his or her dream and steer the person away from those trying to steal the limelight. Bradley, owner of Manifest U, a holistic company focused on personal well-being, says she started her company for that reason – to help stressed-out business owners, and employees, gain more balance in their professional lives.

“A good coach will help you to not be derailed with life’s every day little distractions,” she says. “Avoid the people who will put pitfalls in your path.” 

 Business coaches are not only for the struggling and those that need to take a Business 101 course, says Bradley. They are also professionals who want to perform their best, but sometimes need tough love and a bit of guidance in order to reach their goals.

“People who hire coaches are willing to learn. Successful business owners are willing to learn new things and enable others to help them think outside the box” when they are stymied, Bradley says. “Successful people operate under the mindset of ‘I don’t know everything’ and ‘What is one new thing I can learn today to benefit my business?’ ”

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