Wednesday | 2.21.2018
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Learning To Share The Sandbox; Supreme Court To Kill Obamacare; Summer Heat Warning

Demands on managers could be affecting professional development efforts in companies,

PWC analysis shows declining rate of growth contining trend.

More than 13.5 million Americans now covered by HSA-compatible plans.

Many report they are unable to find staff with skills needed.

Managers should focus on creating empowered staff to enhance the customer experience.

The time to worry about security breaches is before they happen, not after.

Many executives believe current manager workloads ae unsustainable.

With individual mandate thrown out, companies face major decisions, cost increases.

Team building and leadership involves a give-and-take approach.

Results attack notion inspections cause job loss, higher overall expenses.

Workers at risk for heatstroke, other injuries during hot summer months, warnings save lives, costs.

For many firms, 2013 decisions easier but long-term healthcare insurance costs are expected to rise.


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