Wednesday | 2.21.2018
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Employee Financial Wellness Needs To Be Company Priority

Increasingly, companies are recognizing employees’ financial wellness is also important.

While many companies are putting in health-oriented wellness programs in advance of Obamacare, many are neglecting the need to educate employees on better money management techniques.

If a company already has a wellness program in place, but has missed the boat on Financial Wellness, Travis Freeman, President of Four Seasons Financial Education and author of Make Your Money Work, has five fresh tips just for that purpose:

  1. Make it Timely & Accurate - Bring in a professional to kick-off quarterly employee educational briefings on important topics such as education planning, estate planning, or retirement planning. This helps increase motivation to work on specific goals.
  2. Make it Unstoppable - Any program has to have an accountability factor or the motivation won't continue as planned, just as that New Year's resolution workout plan needs the same thing. Appoint a professional or someone at the company to help keep people accountable and on-track.
  3. Stop the Sales Pitch - When seeking a professional speaking to educate at the workplace, check to see if they represent an insurance company or sales organization. Website such as will help you find out if a professional really represents an insurance company or non-independent group. You want education for employees, not a sales pitch. When in doubt, give them a test drive with a small group of people.
  4. Cost - You can find plenty of free resources such as professional speakers and online tools like to enhance your program. However, if you find a resource that comes at a fee, don't be scared away. Consider covering the cost since Financial Wellness programs have the potential to decrease workplace stress and increase productivity of employees.
  5. Free Stuff - Everyone loves being rewarded. Give a reward for the person that attends all educational events or is the first to create a full budget. Be creative with goals and rewards. Don't forget about those "hundred grand" chocolate bars.


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