Friday | 3.23.2018
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Jamba Juice Aims to Raise $1 Million for Schools

Jamba Juice, a provider of healthful-themed on-the-go food, snacks and beverages, has launched a yearlong effort to raise more than $1 million nationwide for local schools.  In the effort's six-week initial program-dubbed School Bananananza '09-participating Jamba Juice locations are donating 20% of sales to a different nearby school each week, the company says.

“Jamba Juice has been an avid supporter of school fund raising for years,” says company CEO James White.  "The School Bananananza ’09 is Jamba’s way of involving schools across the country, with the goal to raise dollars for programs where funds may be lacking."  The program also fits what he sees as the Jamba's corporate philosophy, White adds, because "We work hard to promote a healthy, active, give-back-to-the-community lifestyle."

To promote the program, the company is sending its mascot, Bananaman, across the country in his Jamba Bananavan to appear at schools and local events and hand out coupons, smoothies and summer-hire applications for the approximately 4,000 summer jobs the company said it wants to fill. The company is utilizing social-networking sites YouTube, Facebook (Jamba Juice page) and Twitter (@ Jamba Bananaman) to pitch the program to its target market.

Jamba says it will offer several other fund-raising/partnership opportunities to local schools. Interested school officials may inquire about fund raising at local Jamba Juice locations, the company said.


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