Wednesday | 2.21.2018
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Relocating across the country for a new job can be an exciting opportunity, but for many dual-income families, the change can be terrifying.

While the husband or wife is offered the new job with room for advancement, the “trailing spouse” can be left jobless in a new city with no contacts. To ensure that their new employees remain committed to their new job, savvy businesses are offering outplacement services to help their spouses with their employment search.

“In an economy that remains tenuous, a candidate is more likely to reject an opportunity for fear that their partner won’t be able to find a job,” says Sanjay Sathe, founder and chief executive officer of RiseSmart, an outplacement and recruitment solutions firm.

“We’re finding that more employers are having a difficult time hiring their first choice for key positions, and as a result they are taking a closer look at their relocation packages. Offering outplacement assistance for spouses is often the best way to overcome candidate concerns,” he adds.

With RiseSmart’s “Transition Concierge” program, a three-member team is dedicated to help the trailing spouse. A “transition specialist,” a human-resources professional with a decade of experience, provides one-on-one support and advice throughout the job search.

The spouse is paired with a professional resume writer and also a “job concierge,” who is responsible for navigating RiseSmart’s job-matching software to flag and forward the most relevant job opportunities. The concierge also shares recommended articles, blogs, events, videos and Webinars.

The service packages are available for all employee levels, from senior executives to hourly workers.

Offering spousal outplacement can not only attract talented employees, but also retain them. Sathe reasons that the sooner both partners establish roots in their new community, the more likely it is that the relocation will be permanent.

The candidate will stay for the long term, he adds, “if the outplacement program succeeds in finding the spouse a job. That’s why it’s so important for employers to choose an outplacement solution with a proven track record.”

Every week, the employees in RiseSmart’s transition program receive personalized, hand-picked job leads. Employees find new employment in an average of 18 weeks, or roughly four months. This compares to a national average duration of unemployment of more than 34 weeks, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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