Sunday | 2.18.2018
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But small businesses that export still know little about protecting intellectual property.
The referral concept is one of those areas that must have a game plan and well thought-out strategy to be truly cost effective as a sales tool.
Small businesses feeling the pinch of the rise in energy costs can still grow their business by taking steps to cover all bases.
Engage in exercises that prepare for the daily challenges of business helps build sales.
The days of a CEO marching in and rebirthing a corporate culture, establishing key initiatives and making it happen are for the most part gone.
The Web presence that businesses need to be successful is what makes them vulnerable to these attacks.
Press releases can be a powerful tool, if leveraged correctly. Don’t just send them, file them to a popular section of the company Web site as well.
Effective employee communications should include utilization of the company grapevine to reinforce other channels.
Proctor & Gamble leader urges leaders to pick up the energy level and enthusiasm within an organization.
Pundits offer Seven Positive Strategies For 2009 Company Success that focus on internal resources.
Many companies lose valuable resources when employees are not empowered to speak-up because of language difficulties.
Yearly poll of small business leaders shows marked change in perceptions, offerings of healthcare insurance providers.
Tracking employees who leave early, improves morale of those that stay to quitting time.


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