Wednesday | 2.21.2018
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Interactive programs permit more structured approach to a key element of a new hire's first days.

Rising use of desktop training enhancing HR functions.

Companies turning to online applications to vet candidates.

Reaching wider applicant pool helps ease recruiting tasks.

Total management programs to trace candidate progress helping recruiting, hiring efforts.

HR leaders using analytics to demonstrate value to companies.

Expanding offerings providing new solution to recruiting, staffing and management

Companies ask employees to increase insurance contributions.

:  Probing interviews, rigorous reference checks can expose applicant falsehoods

Kaiser Family Foundation study demonstrates differences, advantages of CDH offerings.

Building a consistent, fair, and effective policy is tricky, difficult but worth the effort.

Cost-cutting to current programs, higher payments by employees seen as major factors.

Survey shows HR resources are being squeezed, with companies expecting more from the HR department.


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