Friday | 3.23.2018
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Summer Applicants Up, Jobs Down

People seeking summer jobs will have to beat the pavement harder than ever this year. That’s because more people will be scrambling to fill the fewer positions available. In addition, stay-at-home moms and retirees must now compete for the same seasonal jobs once relegated to teens and college students., an hourly job Web site, recently released a survey of more than 1,000 managers responsible for hiring hourly, seasonal employees. Of those, 46% say they won't recruit this year.

Those managers who do plan to hire estimate that 65% of their summer staff will be return employees, while 35% will be new hires.
Among those managers not hiring, nearly 90% say their current staff will take on any needed hours, their business levels have recently fallen or they don’t have a budget to hire.

Hiring managers also say that they have hiring freezes and that their company has either laid off employees or closed locations.

Potential employees hoping to get a leg up on the competition should have a positive attitude and be willing to work on a day that the hiring manager needs. Having previous experience also helps.
Based in Richmond, Va., has nearly 100,000 job postings for hourly positions in the retail, restaurant and service industries. The site has helped potential workers find full- and part-time employment since 2000.


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