Sunday | 2.18.2018
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Throwing Out Traditional Views of Leadership Can Lead To Success

“Leadership” is a term that has been studied, analyzed, defined and redefined for ages.

It was a life-threatening car accident that got businessman and entrepreneur Jeremie Kubicek thinking about the subject.  Faced with his own mortality, he was able to gain a kind of clarity that probably few people experience. 

Realizing that far too many people who claim to be leaders have abused their positions and lost their moral bearings, Kubicek decided to free himself from the old self-centered view of leadership and embrace a broader, more positive view–one of influence.  In Leadership Is Dead: How Influence Is Reviving It (Howard Books, May 2011), Kubicek shows how this new leadership style can restore faith in leaders in business and beyond.

Kubicek now sees leadership as a vehicle to influence people and have a positive impact on them–not as a way to convey status, wealth, power or success.  “The runaway greed of Wall Street’s leadership, skyrocketing salaries for corporate executives, and unkept promises from political leaders have left most people feeling betrayed and jilted.  In many cases, employees are becoming victims of these unresponsive leaders as well,” Kubicek says.
Kubicek’s leadership style changed based on the idea that the world doesn’t simply need more leaders, but rather, true influencers.

In the book, Kubicek discusses the “Seven Action Steps” that he says anyone can take to awaken the true leader within:

  • Break through the walls of self-preservation and focus on service to others.
  • Give trust to become trustworthy. Without trust, there can be no influence.
  • Become credible, not just smart. One must prove one’s self to establish credibility.
  • Be intentional in one’s influence. Take conscious action and follow through with what one has intended to do
  • Pursue relationships before opportunities. True influence is about establishing authentic connections to others.
  • Give one’s self away. Influence means one must give for the benefit of others.
  • Become “significant” through one’s memorable, positive impact on others.

This self-less, other-centric approach has taken Kubicek beyond his own expectations.  Through his company GiANT Impact, he is now spreading this view of leadership around the world.  “Influence is about power,” he says. “How you use that power can alter the trajectory of those around you.”


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