Wednesday | 2.21.2018
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Lack Of Planning Expertise Hampering Corporate Growth

In uncertain world, lack of planning expertise is hampering business growth and preparedness.

These were the conclusion of a senior leadership round table forum held in Philadelphia.

A Fuzzy Framework:  “In this era of uncertainty, the ability to think strategically is more important than ever before.  Yet, without a clear framework, many organizations face a critical deficit in the strategic development skills among their top executives,” Steve Krupp, Ph.D.,CEO of DSI. “Forum attendees reinforced this issue, explaining that organizations often default to executional, tactical, and technical rewards, since strategic capabilities are difficult and unnatural to target.”

Sinking Risk Thresholds: “Executives also acknowledged the ever-increasing pressure to excel in an atmosphere where failure and risk are deemed unacceptable,” said Krupp.  “Although research continues to support the benefits of business mistakes and missteps, corporate America still has not accepted this truism.  Organizations primarily reward short-term results, so long-term strategic thinking and development often fall to the wayside, he added..  

This disconnect is creating a gap in the strategic leadership capabilities of our organizations which is harmful to growth and navigation in these uncertain times.”

“It’s clear that there is an urgency for strategy among today’s top leaders,” said Krupp. “As the stakes get higher, this skill will only become more important to the growth and survival of organizations, across all industries and at all levels. Fortunately, we now have proven solutions to assess and develop strategic thinkers.”

The DSI Leadership Future Forum hosted more than 15 executives – from companies including Bank of America, GSK and Johnson & Johnson – in a roundtable discussion of strategic leadership secrets and successes.  The takeaways were pretty astonishing, not only do leaders lack a framework to identify strategic leaders, they don’t have any working definition of strategic thinking or leadership.  Combine that with the sinking threshold for failure in business today, and the result is a strategically inept middle management.

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