Sunday | 2.18.2018
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How To Keep Your Best People From Leaving

High-potentials are being targeted by other companies in their search for talent in a recovering job market. Should you be worried? That depends.

Employee engagement is the key to employee retention and delivering an exceptional customer experience. When employees are fully engaged they are motivated to give their all to the task at hand, without the need for constant prodding.

Roberta Matuson offers five tips to create an environment where high levels of employee turnover are something that happens to some other organization.

  1.  Hire right-The best workers want to work along side people of the same caliber. This is the ideal time to assess your workforce and replace non-performers with top performers.
  2. Give employees input into the decision making in their department-Sounds simple, yet it’s rarely done. Take for example the manager who decides it’s better to store equipment in a new place, without bothering to ask the people who use the equipment daily if this makes sense. Give employees control over how their job gets done. If they don’t feel they have control over their jobs, they’ll do exactly what is asked and nothing more.
  3. Demonstrate that management is sincerely interested in an employee’s well being. If your people have been in the workforce for a while, then most likely they’ve experienced what it’s like to work for someone who is concerned only about themselves. They’ll expect you to be the same unless you demonstrate to them you are different. Take the time to ask each of your employees about their short-term and long-term goals. Listen closely for ways you can support your people. Run interference on their behalf and when necessary, let your superiors know that more work without more resources is simply not doable, given the circumstances.
  4. Put employee development back on the menu-Budget cuts have created anemia among employees. For many, it’s been a long time since their minds have received any nourishment. Employees who feel they have had an opportunity to improve their skills and capabilities over the last year are more engaged than those who have not. Find ways to put employee development back on the menu. You can start with small bites by inviting authors into your organization to deliver lunch and learn sessions. Many will reduce their fees in exchange for a commitment to purchase a minimum number of books.
  5. Constantly monitor the temperature in your organization-Many companies are using climate surveys to monitor the temperature in their organizations. Hey, at least they are making an effort. However, the problem with surveys is that they only record a moment in time.Things can easily heat up a day or two after a company takes their own temperature or they may even cool down. Companies must constantly be scanning the environment to ensure the overall health of the organization remains vibrant.

Now is the time for employers to take action. Start by creating a magnetic workplace where top talent sticks around and you won’t have to worry about your best people leaving.

Roberta Matuson, president of Matuson Consulting has helped leaders in Fortune 500 companies


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