Sunday | 2.18.2018
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Candidates Mired in Job Search May Gain Momentum From New Book

It's easy to get stuck and frustrated during a long job search. The way to get unstuck and regain momentum, according to a new book, is to use ideas as a catalyst.

In that new book, blogger, speaker and marketer Tim Tyrell-Smith ( offers those ideas.

The title, 30 Ideas: The Ideas Of Successful Job Search, tells the story.  Written as "advice to a friend," it discusses the strategy, psychology and social-networking habits of a successful job search in three areas of focus:

The importance of strategy in the job search: “Without a strategy, you are left to being impulsive. You do what feels right instead of following a smart plan. Since you are no longer in a structured corporate environment, you need to create your own disciplined process.” In an approachable way, the book shows how to develop a strategic framework for a job search.

The psychology of a successful job search: Tyrell-Smith says that a positive attitude is critical. He calls it the most important and least-discussed aspect of the search. “Everything you do is affected by your attitude. And the way people react to you is based on their impressions of you. Confident or desperate, your mindset sends an important message.”

Career or social networking: How to do it right and how to avoid making common but correctable mistakes. “Social networking has largely replaced traditional job-search methods. If you are not getting out of the house daily to meet key people and expose your brand to the market, your search will continue longer than necessary.”

Extras included are the importance of the first five minutes of a job interview and eight ways to avoid scaring employers away.


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