Sunday | 2.18.2018
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Buried Under HR Duties? The Answer May Be Outsourcing.

Along with finding qualified employees and overseeing training to help their businesses run smoothly and successfully, they are also required to process payroll, update employees on company benefits and handle all compliance issues.

Many company owners don’t have the expertise, or interest, to delve into so many areas; they just want to run their businesses. And that’s where FirstSourceHR comes in.

FirstSourceHR is a human-resource management service developed by Business One Source, a Florida-based company that provides various business-to-business services. Pete VanSon, a certified public accountant and president of Business One Source, says it makes sense for a business to farm out HR-related items to an independent group.

“Outsourcing provides you with professional services only when you need them,” he says. “Your time is best spent finding and hiring the best people for your team and supervising them to advance your business objectives.”

In today’s business world, VanSon says, companies should allocate resources only when that can efficiently complete a business objective.

FirstSourceHR professionals oversee a company’s day-to-day tasks, handling all issues linked to payroll accounting and employee benefits. They also serve as standby experts to help business owners and managers tackle other employee-related issues.

When a company hires FirstSourceHR, the outsourcing group acts as the employer for all administrative purposes; however, the hiring company retains control of employee activities as the work-site employer.

“Our hands-on approach often results in improved employee morale, stronger employee/management relations and greater success in recruiting, training and retaining employees,” he says.

FirstSourceHR provides its clients with advice and counsel on screening potential candidates and hiring and firing issues. Because the outsourcing group works with such a large number of employees nationwide, it can provide competitive pricing for health insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and retirement plans.

But before a company decides to turn over its HR department to an independent group, VanSon urges owners and managers to take a few things into consideration. Owners should first ensure that there is a direct line of communication between the client and the outsourcing group.

Companies should also be certain that the outsourcing group is licensed to handle the work it is being retained to do.

“Many states require professional employer organizations (PEOs) to maintain licenses and certain financial standards, including levels of positive working capital,” VanSon says. “Nonlicensed and unscrupulous providers have been known to fail to remit payroll taxes and make certain government filings.”

FirstSourceHR supports the human-resource needs of companies with five to 500 employees.

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