Monday | 2.19.2018
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Overall, Recruiters Optimistic About the Fourth Quarter

With the fourth quarter of 2012 well underway and with the economy still reflecting plenty of uncertainty, it would be fair to ask how optimistic executive recruiters are about the productivity on their recruiting desks.

After all, recruiters work closely with companies to fill their important job openings with the most qualified candidate possible, people that the companies aren’t able to find on their own. It stands to reason that these recruiters would have their collective fingers on the pulse of hiring in the employment marketplace.

According to a recent poll conducted by Top Echelon Network nearly 70% respondents stated that they’re either “very optimistic” or “somewhat optimistic” about the fourth quarter.

As part of that poll, Top Echelon Network asked the following question: “How optimistic are you about the fourth quarter of the year on your recruiting desk?”

Exactly 39% of respondents indicated that they’re “somewhat optimistic,” while 29.3% chose “very optimistic” as their answer. Consequently, nearly 70% of recruiters participating in the poll (68.3%) are optimistic about the fourth quarter to some degree.

In addition, 24.4% of respondents indicated that they’re “decidedly neutral” about the fourth quarter, and 7.3% are “somewhat pessimistic.” However, not a single recruiter who participated in the poll chose “very pessimistic” as their answer.

“We view that last number as good news,” said Top Echelon Network President Mark Demaree. “The fact that none of the recruiters in this poll are ‘very pessimistic’ bodes well for their production during the fourth quarter. It also serves as an indication of how willing companies are to hire right now. Although many companies are holding off to some degree, there are certain positions that can’t be empty for any length of time, and companies are taking the steps necessary to fill those positions.”


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