Monday | 2.19.2018
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Outsourcing Recruitment Can Save Money, Resources; But Care Needs To Be Taken

In this era of high unemployment, large and small corporations say their biggest problem is finding the right candidate to fit their position needs.

At the same time, the number of applicants per job opening has doubled or tripled in recent years.

Concurrently, the average HR staff has remained constant and even been reduced.

One solution is to hirer a company to do the recruitment.

Robert Grossman, a contributing editor of HR Magazine, a lawyer and a professor of management studies at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

He offers these suggestions on choosing an outsourcing recruitment firm:

Size and scope: Do the recruiters have experience in your business or a closely related one? What volume of hires do they produce for other clients

Retention: Look at internal operations. How long do their employees stay? How effective are they in retaining business? The Recruitment Professional Outsource industry's retention rate averages 70 percent.

Relationships: Will they dedicate staff full time to your account? The best approach is to have a dedicated individual(s) to the company, preferably on-site.

Cost-Savings: Analyze whether there are significant savings in time, money and effecacy to justify the adoption.

Impact-On-Staff: There is always the question of whether using an outsourcing company for any activity will negatively impact staff.  There are many experts who argue this approach will hurt morale.  Any such approach must be done with the cooperation and support of current employees.

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