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October 15, 2012 Success Strategies For HR Professionals
Current Update

5 Steps To Employee Empowerment; Leadership Keys

Loans for Business

5 Keys Steps to Gaining Company-Wide Discretionary Thinking

Giving employees the ability to be discretionary authority builds added profits.

The Keys To Great Leadership Are In Themselves

Leaders should look inward to find the best roads to strong, positive leadership.

HR Trends...

Is there such a thing as a fear of being without a cellphone?

Studies show that two-thirds of the population suffers from "Nomophobia" ("no-mobile-phone-phobia" which is defined as the fear of losing or being without your mobile phone. As new mobile devices and technology hit the market We use cell phones every day, but for a growing number of people staying connected has become an obsession that occupies every waking minute – and for them, an utter fear and anxiety runs through their veins when they lose their cell, run out of battery, have no network coverage, or simply imagine living life without a mobile device, Nomophobia is increasing, and up 13% from a couple of years ago. Dr. Elizabeth Waterman, Psy.D. Morningside Recovery Center, NY.

Ask the Experts...

What is happening with salaries in 2013?

"Technology professionals, according to the research, can expect U.S. starting salaries to increase an average of 5.3 percent. Administrative and office support professionals can anticipate starting salaries to rise by 3.5 percent, and accounting and finance professionals should see an average boost of 3.3 percent."

- The 2013 Salary Guides from Robert Half

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