Monday | 2.19.2018
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Use of Social Media to Recruit, Vet Staff Is Growing

This month’s edition provides an in-depth look at how technology is easing the workload for HR Professionals. Here are ways HR professionals can utilize evolving technology to improve hiring, staffing, employee morale, onboarding and other management tasks.Online reference checking tools

Because of the way consumer behavior has evolved recently, social media have taken on a much larger role in the conversation about jobs, and mobile is starting to gain some serious momentum. 

Basic to this effort is for companies to build a presence on the core four social-media sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn – and incorporating their careers Web site into the mix.

While some companies have experienced very effective conversions from their social campaigns, other enterprise conversions are simply out of the goal range, but managers feel the need to be there as a part of the conversation and to monitor their brand. 

According to Jill Erickson, senior vice president of digital for TMP Worldwide, a full-scale strategy starts with an audit of the company and then a full plan to accommodate its objectives. 

A plan typically includes creating the brand message, page development, a social calendar of ongoing page and content management, program management, and tracking progress of all activity within the full program. 

Erickson also points out companies can integrate social employee-referral programs and job-search components depending on what the media allow. 

Some of her customers are using live candidate-engagement tools with social integration and back-end candidate-management systems to help expedite the hiring process more efficiently. 

More and more companies are using mobile tactics as a part of their recruitment strategy, including mobile image ads, SMS text campaigns, iPhone apps, QR codes, quizzes and games.

Erickson talks about the ways companies can participate and use mobile and social media for recruitment.

  • First and foremost, if a company has a Web site that promotes careers, it need to make sure it’s mobile-adapted.  People look for the same things on their mobile as they do on their desktop.  And if they can’t access the information on the mobile, they will abandon.
  • Next, human resources should not overlook mobile search.  Many companies have done a good job adopting search[engine marketing and other pay-per-click programs, but forget about taking some of that budget and putting it toward mobile search, paid and organic. 
  • One of the most powerful marketing programs in recruitment right now is optimizing jobs for search engines and making sure they are accessible on a mobile device.  One service that offers this is TalentBrew by TMP Worldwide.  Not only does this powerful job-engine platform optimize the jobs for search engines and mobile, it also extends jobs all over the Web to target candidates.

Erickson also urges companies to measure their efforts.

Technology-based tracking solutions are much more proven, because HR is not relying on a human to remember where he or she saw an advertisement.  Technology-based tracking solutions also allow for post-impression analysis as well as exposure to conversion, meaning companies can track the multiple destinations that drove a candidate to apply. 

Technologies today can track through to application, and even through to hire, allowing companies to compare individual sources to their goal cost per application and goal cost per hire, thus allowing companies to take out the sources that are not producing to overall recruitment spend.

Here is her list of important conversions/metrics:

  • Applications
  • Hires
  • Cost per application
  • Cost per hire
  • Qualified applications
  • Post impression
  • Exposure to conversion
  • A/B Testing

Erickson also said there are social-content-management options, reputation-management options, and matching technologies that all can be incorporated to make a social program achieve the customer’s stated objectives.  These are all practices that are currently being successfully used and tracked in the industry today. 


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